Friday, February 27, 2009

Same Sh*t Different Day

While the era of Tortorella has begun in Rangerville, it would seem that the Grinch has stolen any chance for a thrill. While the enviously Green Grinch sits high on his perch looking down upon us Rangerwho's with his smiling smirch. He laughs at us secure that he will again dismantle our dreams yet again of a silver cup on the mantle. The trade deadline approachs and nary a peep of a rumor, a haggle, a swap a getridofthatcreep. So while we await word of a hopeful goodbye, to a Gomez, a Drury, a Redden oh my. Our crossriver rivals rejoice and laugh in our faces, they've got Parise, Broduer in just the right places. And so it was told too all the Rangerwho's that once upon a time, they had a cup too. It was big and it was shiny and filled them with Glee, and then the GrinchSather climbed down from his tree. He teased us and taunted and held it so close, then snatched it away as a puck hits the post. So while we Rangerwho's look wistfully West, sad in the knowing, which GM is the best.

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