Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Heeeee's Baaaaaaaccccck!!!!

Of course I could be talking about two different players, Sean Avery and Sean's favorite goalie, Martin Brodeur. Both are right back where they belong. While Brodeur's return has been a tremendous success and makes you forget that the Devils were Cup contenders with Scott Clemmensen. They have now propelled themselves to "favorites" talk. Of course, Boston will have something to say about that, but I wouldn't expect that Brodeur will have to worry about Sean Avery's antics getting in his way this year. In a move that smacks of desperation, Glen Savior has re-acquired the enigmatic petulant fashionista forward, Sean Avery. Not since the days of Ron Duguay, Anders Hedberg and Phil Esposito has any Ranger player (or hockey player) caused as much ruckus for what they wear as opposed to what they do on the ice. Sean Avery for all intents and purposes is the fire that the Rangers have been missing all season. Sure he may say off color comments and he's judged for that in a negative light, but one cannot argue with the success he brought the Rangers on the ice. Yes, he had great Hall of Fame support, which is sorely lacking today. Will Sean be able to stand tall in the shadow of the Empire State Building once again, or will this teams inability to score be the thing that causes Sean Kong Avery to fall back to earth. Only time will tell. Does Sather have other moves up his sleeve, let's hope so. The Rangers sorely lack scoring punch and pose little if any threat to the opposing teams. Despite handly dismantling the Avalanche, they were only playing the Avalanche. Will the Islanders test them tomorrow? Let's hope that the Rangers can get some momentum. The Groin Punching Less Penguins are suddenly waking up. Is it because their crybaby is out visiting the crowd? Everybody should know who the real leader of the Penguins is and that's Malkin. Why do they seem to thrive without their wunderkind? And Hey Don Cherry, the NHL needs characters like Ovechkin to attract fans. They don't need crotch punching whiny little brats who probably would wet their pants if they met Ovechkin in a dark alley. Please, I know you like old time hockey, but is 2009, old school died in the 70s. Maybe we should bring back Gordie Howe, would that make things better for you.

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